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Chairman's Message

Mr. Farid Habib


The word ‘Hikma’ is a derivative of Wisdom in the Arabic language. To have the quality of wisdom is to have beneficial knowledge, immense experience and ethical judgement. Al Hikma College is essentially founded upon these moral grounds, based and supported by Islamic philosophy.
Al Hikma College’s prime objective is to open a gateway of opportunities for students to excel to their personal best on an academic and social basis. The School Board has worked diligently alongside the Principal and school staff to ensure that each and every student to set foot on the grounds of Al Hikma College is presented with fine opportunities to equip them for their future.
Al Hikma College is a relatively young school established in 2012 as a single stream K – 2 School. It is a great honour, and indeed, very humbling to see the school has developed so quickly to a K-6 School; it currently boasts two streams in Early Stage, Stage 1, and Stage 2, and a single Stage 3 stream.
The school strives to develop each child intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, religiously, morally, aesthetically and vocationally in an Islamic environment in Australia, so that they are happy and successful Australian citizens.
Al Hikma College encourages its students to get involved and stay involved. We believe it is important to be connected to the school through positive relationships, a sense of community, and participation in extracurricular opportunities; from the first day of school to the last, these are messages students will often hear. Our staff recognises the role they play in helping children reach their full potential, and they do not take the responsibility lightly. We truly believe all students can be successful, and this belief drives the work teachers do on a daily basis. Parent involvement too, is vital for children’s success, and we ask that our parents play an active role in their education.
Mr. Farid Habib

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