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1R Artistic Talents

In the vibrant world of Creative Arts, the students of 1R have been cultivating their arrivistic talents through an enchanting exploration of drawing different types of flowers. Engaging in a hands-on activity, these budding artists embarked on a sensory journey, immersing themselves in the captivating essence of real-life flowers. with the freedom to select their own blooms, students delved into a tactical adventure, feeling the textures and intricacies of petals and stems. this sensory immersion not only heightened their appreciation for natures beauty, but also served as a muse for their artistic endeavours. 


Students experimented with various mediums and colours, infusing their creations with personal flair and imagination. Beyond the strokes of the brush and the intricacies of form, the exploration of drawing flowers has offered 1R students a holistic learning experience. By integrating creativity, sensory perceptions and fine motor skills development, this endeavour has enriched their educational journey, naturing a deep appreciation for art and the natural world. 

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